Wednesday is about the Work

welcomenew*Every week I spend countless hours working alone. I dive into the lonely abyss of the imagination and try to bring things out of it that are useful to clients and/or people. Then I paint, draw or create them digitally.   I share the end product but I don’t ever share what I discover along the way which is the best part. I find the creative process fascinating.

Please get inspired to dive into the abyss too.  It’s really lovely.

Or maybe I just need to talk to people (you) again because I’m by myself all day.

Or maybe I want to tell you about my weird experiences to make sure I haven’t gone completely insane—it could be that.  The more I paint the more I’m driven to write about it.  I feel a strong pull to connect back with words.  I have to write about the work I do. I can’t not.

And I would love to hear about your experiences with making stuff.   Feel free to make some sentences in the reply box at the bottom of the post’s page.

It’s fun- I swear.






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